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"aljamal" Waterpipes are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Press reports, videos, reviews and posts about aljamal Hookahs

By "press" we mean all publications in the media, including newspapers such as the Shisha Journal, video reviews or even outstanding posts from our social media such as Facebook and Instagram.


Shisha Journal aljamal su

Shisha Journal Issue September 2016

An excerpt from the test, the conclusion: 
aljamal waterpipes hookahs are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.
"I had the incredible experience of seeing aljamal' su from the Aljamal Hookah Manufactory
and I have to say, " I'm thrilled"
From the appearance to the smoking experience, the Hookah is a true marvel.(...)
The result of all this work: an outstanding pipe that is perfectly crafted and technically state-of-the-art.
The workmanship can be described in a few words: This is German quality work. No burrs, no quirks, no scratches and all threads cut perfectly. The hose connection is equipped with a ground joint, but standard Elmas hoses fit easily. The plate is also made of brass and - as with most traditional Hookahs - is plugged onto the head adapter and fits snugly on top of it, no slipping or  shake the plate.
+ Very good workmanship
+Easy handling due to plug-in system
+Very good smoking experience
+Very successful, "modern meets tradition" appearance (the perfect composition of tradition and modernity) 


Test report as .pdf for download



aljamal su video sk clan

SK Clan - You Tube Video from 09.10.2016 Aljamal SU #Perfektion


Muzi (a well known german reviewer) has tested our aljamal 'su. He has taken apart, weighed, inspected, assembled, evaluated and enjoyed our brass hookah.
Thank you for rating: #PERFEKTION 
You can enjoy the aljamal 'su under this link. A review of a "non-smoking Muzi" - THANK YOU!



 aljamal tradi shisha su

Jan Oliver........ rating of our aljama' su on Facebook on December 3 on the aljamal Shisha page under Visitor contributions:
"I have my aljamal su with goatskin hose for a week now and wanted to give my opinion about it.
First to the pipe itself. Complete with a coarse thread in perfection. The threads run as cleanly as you can wish for. Partially highly polished and parts left matt, which gives a nice change to the whole thing.
I have the pipe with the number 6 and I wouldn't give it away to anyone. As a bowl I got myself an Egermann Aquamarine as it harmonizes very well with it. She's just a dream when it comes to her setup.
The goatskin tube was made by Harry especially for me according to my ideas and is a dream. It sits very well in the hand and is super high quality processed:)
Despite the high price (which is more than justified) I can warmly recommend this hookah"
Thank you Jan Oliver for your praise and this wonderful photo, your aljamal team!
aljamal' su, perfection in CNC - like Syrian Hookah 


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