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  • New, daring and extraordinary!

    aljamal - born from a passion for the traditional hookah.
  • Perfection down to the last detail

    Perfection with CNC technology, combined with the idea of a traditional Syrian hookah, made of solid, gleaming brass, high-quality stainless steel and a base of luminous Bohemian glass.
  • Modernity meets tradition, the reinterpretation of the traditional Hookah

    Quality accessories, innovative products, high quality materials, designer fabrics from renowned manufacturers and special designs are part of our repertoire.
  • aljamal - Beauty

    An extraordinary and imposing traditional hookah for an amazing smoking pleasure. Aljamal is an enchanting beauty and an eye-catcher that is second to none
  • Brass & Stainless Steel

    Traditional Hookah, made of solid, shimmering brass and high-grade stainless steel
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  • Extraordinary, new and daring!

    aljamal - born from a passion for the traditional Hookah
  • Perfect details

    Perfection in brass, combined with the idea of a traditional Syrian hookah, made of high quality stainless steel, solid shimmering brass and a bowl of lighted Bohemian glass.
  • The present meets tradition, the new interpretation of the traditional hookah

    Our repertoire includes innovative quality accessories made of high-quality materials, designer fabrics from renowned manufacturers and custom-made products.
  • aljamal means beauty

    An impressive and extraordinary traditional hookah for unique smoking pleasure. Enchantingly beautiful and an eye-catcher that looks for its equals.
  • Noble brass and stainless steel

    Traditional hookah made according to the Syrian model
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aljamal Hookah Manufactory

"The smoke of a pipe can carry thoughts to heaven." M.Poisel

traditionelle Shisha aljamal lualiwa


 aljamal - The Manufactory of exceptional, traditional Hookah - 

"aljamal" is the Arabic word for beauty and "Beauty is a welcome guest everywhere"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our manufactory uses precious materials and perfect technology to create a true beauty with a touch of eternity in the Syrian Waterpipe.

The aljamal Hookah is always an eye-catcher and offers you unforgettable moments with amazing enjoyment. ,
Kaffeehausschlauch, exceptional, traditional Hookah
By the new interpretation of the traditional Hookah and the high-quality work each of our aljamal is a highlight of German handcraftmanship.
By purchasing an aljamal you enter the world of premium Pipes. 
It’s a new dimension of smoking a Hookah.

syrische Shisha
“aljamal su” (turk. water), “aljamal ard” (arab. earth) and Lualiwa ( arab. Perl ) are new, extraordinary and adventurously innovative. Impressive, traditional Hookah designed for you.
The idea of a Syrian Hookah, CNC produced in shimmering, solid brass, high-grade stainless steel and a base made of shining, Bohemian glass - these is our exclusive aljamal, which promise you the ultimate pleasure in smoking, a great taste sensation and an amazing smoke development with the acoustics of a soft, rich bubbling.
aljamal is the traditional Hookah for all the senses, just try it.

We are excited about your visit of our aljamal Hookah Homepage. 
Discover more about aljamal, have a visual taste of what you will be able to experience with one of our great hookahs.

Have fun!


  • New! aljamal Lualiwa

    Our new creation, our "little baby" the Pearl! We present our new closure system for the first time in this hookah, without tape! for more details
  • aljamal 'ard

    We present the second edition of aljamal brass hookah. After the aljamal SU, which symbolizes "water" through its waves in the main stemm, for more details
  • 18/8 brass adapter

    Finally available! aljamal goatskin hoses with 18/8 brass adapter for our traditional hookahs, of course also available as accessories, suitable for almost all for more details
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Perfection in detail

  • Shimmering Brass

    aljamal Shisha, is the new interpretation of the traditional hookah, `su is the first edition of the aljamal Hookah Manufactory. “su” is the Turkish word for water. Our next creation is called “ard” and means earth ( arab. ) and our latest is "Lualiwa" and means pearl. aljamal Premium hookahs are made of high quality, massive shimmering brass and were made in Germany based on the model of the traditional Syrian hookah using CNC technology. In order to achieve the highest quality, our hookah is made by a master craftsman, he also produces the legendary Kinimod SMS.
  • Closed Chamber

    The solid brass main stem of our traditional hookah with "Closed Chamber" (designed after the Syrian Traditional Hookah) and the stainless steel inner pipe are not alone the guarantors for an indescribably sensual smoking experience.The synthesis of the diameter of the tubes, the channels in the "Closed Chamber" and the optimal length of the stainless steel dipped tube, adjusted to the size of the Bohemian crystal glass base, is a perfect combination of suit and pull through. With the 18/8 ground joint connection, the result is a traditional hookah in perfection.
  • The Base

    A base is not only an accessoire and eye-catcher of the traditional hookah, but also a spectacular component for the harmony of taste, the sound-experience of a relaxed "blubbering" and the fascinating smoke development, which dissolves the tenseness of a day in fragrant air. Our bases offered by Egermann (Zcech Company) is made of high-quality Bohemian crystal glass in combination with our solid brass smoke pillar and the adapted dipping tube made of high-quality stainless steel, results in an optimal smoking chamber for an unforgettable experience of taste.
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