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aljamal hookah manufacture – Passionate about water pipes

“aljamal” is the Arabic word for beauty. Our hookah manufactory composes beauty with a touch of modernity in the tradition of the Syrian hookah from noble materials and the most modern technology. The aljamal hookah is always an eye-catcher and offers you unforgettable moments with extraordinary pleasure.

Through the reinterpretation of the traditional hookah and the high-quality workmanship, each of our hookahs is an expression of consummate craftsmanship. With the purchase of an aljamal hookah, you enter the world of enjoyment of premium hookahs. Cross this border and experience a new dimension of hookah smoking.

Our brass hookahs aljamal ‘su (Turkish for water) and aljamal ‘ard (Arabic for earth) are new, unusual and bold. The combination of a Syrian hookah, CNC crafted in shimmering solid brass, high quality stainless steel and a base of luminous, bohemian glass make our products unique and offer you the highest pleasure when smoking, a unique taste experience with amazing smoke development, accompanied by the acoustics of a gentle, rich bubbling. 

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Learn more about us, get a visual taste of what you will experience with our traditional hookahs through impressions of our work. Let us take you to this ancient oriental culture of encounter with our high quality traditional hookahs and accessories.

aljamal hookahs – Born from the passion for hookah – enchantingly beautiful, unique and an eye-catcher beyond compare!

The special feature of the hookah

What is special about this kind of smoking and unique pleasure?

In the Arab world, the water pipe or shisha has stood for conviviality for centuries. In our latitudes, too, the hookah is becoming increasingly popular. A soft bubbling can be heard, the embers begin to glow red and sweet-smelling clouds of smoke drift through the air. Smells like from the Arabian Nights, mint, apple, mango, cherry, orange and many other indescribable scents fill the room.
“The tension of everyday life goes up in smoke!”

From India via Persia, the hookah reached Arabia, the then Ottoman Empire (today’s Turkey) and North Africa, especially Tunisia and Egypt, in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the Ottoman Empire, hookah was introduced in 1603 by Sultan Ahmed I, who was known for his indulgent lifestyle. Since then, the traditional hookah has become an indispensable cultural asset not only in Arab countries. It stands for a balanced lifestyle, hospitality and sociability.
The hookah itself has become a treasured family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.
Smoking a hookah means taking time for yourself and letting the outside world pass you by, taking time out in your hectic everyday life.

aljamal – an exceptional hookah, have we aroused your curiosity?

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