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aljamal hookahs - Photo Gallery

Our aljamal Hookah, products and accessories

A small excerpt from the variations of our aljamal brass hookahs in conjunction with the Bohemian crystal glass base and accessory products.

What is special about this type of smoking and its unique enjoyment?

In the Arab world, the hookah has stood for conviviality for centuries, but it is now becoming more and more popular worldwide.  

Quiet bubbles can be heard, the coals start to glow red and then sweet smelling smoke floats through the air. There are smells like from "Thousand and One Nights", of mint, apple, mango, cherry, orange and many other indescribable smells, which enliven the room.
“The tension of everyday life is vanishing into smoke!"
aljamal Tradi Shisha teller syrische shisha
aljamal syrian waterpipes, shisha, traditional brass Hookah waterpipe Wasserpfeife 
From India via Persia, the hookah then came from India to Arabia. It came to the then Ottoman Empire (today's Turkey) and North Africa, especially Tunisia and Egypt, between the 16th and 17th centuries. In the Ottoman Empire, hookah smoking was introduced in 1603 by Sultan Ahmed I, who was known for his enjoyable lifestyle.  The hookah has evolved over time into an indispensable cultural asset in the Arab countries.  It stands for a balanced lifestyle, hospitality and conviviality.
 Lederschlauch syrische traditionelle Tradi Messing Shisha Ziegenlederschlauch Wasserpfeifen
The Arabs were convinced that the stress of everyday life in the tea room will literally go up in smoke with a hookah.
aljamal shisha messing, traditionelle Wasserpfeife Kaffeehausschlauch
Shisha Ziegenlederschläuche Ziegenlederschlauch Lederschlauch
The hookah itself developed into a valuable family item that has been passed down from generation to generation. 
Smoking a hookah means taking time for yourself and letting the outside world pass by, taking time in today's fast-paced everyday life.
Let us take you on a journey into this old oriental culture with our high-quality traditional hookahs and accessories.
aljamal Shisha Kaffeehausschlauch Wasserpfeifen
Could we arouse your curiosity? 
Here are some impressions of our works for you.

Lederschlauch Messing syrische traditionelle Shisha Ziegenlederschlauch

Photos of our brass hookahs, goatskin hoses and accessories

  • Hookah 'su Aquamarin

    with goatskin hose Aqua
  • goatskin hoses

    Red with glass mouthpiece
  • Brass main stem

    solid brass, model 'su
  • Wasserpfeife 'su

    with antique oriental brass tray
  • aljamal goatskin hoses

    aqua - gold - black
  • su brass main stem

    with goatskin hose Aqua - gold
  • Egermann Ruby Red

    with goatskin hose red - gold
  • The brass heart

    with Egermann Morgiana Clear
  • Traditional head-adapter brass

    for traditional shishas with plug-in system (like Elmas)
  • hookah 'ard

    with Egermann Morgiana Clear
  • 'su with Egermann Amber

    goatskin hose Aqua-Brown-Gold
  • traditional coffee house hose 18/8 adapter

    for our goatskin hoses
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