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To friends and partners of aljamal Hookah Manufactory


Companies and partners that have become friends with us, we would like to mention here in particular!



wasserpfeifen & mehr

Wasserpfeifen & mehr
The Hookah Online Shop for the special. Extraordinary, beautiful Hookahs and accessories, top advice and fast delivery.
Distribution of the aljamal hookahs, the new traditional pipe. 

beautifull brass hookah, links to friends

In the field of premium Hookahs, this shop offers you, among other things, special unique pieces of high quality and often "hand made in Germany". Create your unique, individual Hookah according to your taste with selected products!
In the hookah accessories sector, too, unique creations are offered.


  schöne Shisha


One of the best modern stainless steel hookahs worldwide!
And the production site of our aljama Hookahs and Adapters.

traditional hookah, Shisha, hookah manufactory  
If you are looking for perfectly crafted stainless steel Hookahs and handmade hookahs, you are absolutely right with a Kimimod! Each of these hookahs is absolutely unique and offers a perfect finish and a pleasant draw. Kinimod is the forerunner in the field of stainless steel hookahs, and their quality cannot be copied.

but often copies the quality never achieved.





Mäxsells Shisha Shop

Our first aljamal distributor and one of our most reliable suppliers.
Schöne Shisha
A German institution in matters of traditional hookah!
Top products, reliable, competent and fast service and shipping
Selected products of the brands El Nefes, Khalebbo, Sahara Smoke, Kaya, Shika etc.
Also a huge amount of accessories! 




Shisha Journal - the german magazine for enthusiastic smokers of Hookah.
Always up to date, it informs active and enthusiastic hookah smokers about the latest products and trends, acts as a consultant and fascinates with its fascinating reports. Beginners will also get all tips about their first hookah and the right accessories. In short: The Shisha Journal is the perfect information exchange for all Hookah friends.

The Shisha Journal acts as a purchasing consultant and opinion leader for the entire Hookah scene due to its competence and topicality. With its attractive and diverse range of topics, Shisha-Journal consistently serves the interests of active hookah fans, retailers and lounge operators. Meaningful hookah, accessory and tobacco tests support the ambitious hookah smokers as well as the beginner in the purchase decision. Service topics and user tips round off the segment. The extensive tips and tricks section also proves competence. It shows the most beautiful hookah, which tobacco varieties are good and which are less good and informs about all highlights of the whole hookah scene.




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