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aljamal - a traditional Hookah in Perfection

Inspired by the passion for Hookah - aljamal is a "Homage" to the Syrian Waterpipe

aljamal Shisha beautifull brass hookah, aljamal is a "Homage" to the Syrian Waterpipe

Our Company - Our Profile - Our Intention

 traditional braas hookahs aljamal shisha Wasserpfeife Lederschlauch Waterpipes

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We are aljamal Waterpipe Manufactory a family owned company with high expectations in quality, design and enjoyment.
As a new manufacturer in the premium hookah segment, we are passionately developing extraordinary creations according to traditional models. 

This passion for the hookah has started a few years ago when an Egyptian "tin pipe" has been bought in Cairo.
The expectations and demands of our family expanded and after a very short time we wanted more delight.

That was the question: which tastes more delicious; the tried and tested traditional hookahs or the ultra modern combinations of glass and stainless steel? 

syrische Shisha tradi Shisha schöne Shisha messing aljamal shisha
Our expectations with regard to aesthetics, smoking behavior, flavor development and the haptics of the hose played an important role. For us, smoking a hookah not only Relaxing, also a central point for family and friends to communicate with each other after work, at barbecues and around the campfire.
beautifull waterpipes, brass hookah, traditional hookah, Inspired by the passion for Hookah

"Preparing a bowl and also smoking takes time. Maybe that's the fascination of smoking a hookah?
In these fast-moving days, in which each individual is required to do more and more, the time for relaxation is very valuable.
The hookah is forcing us to stop for a moment, to take a break."

tradi shisha, messing Shisha ajamal shisha
2015 was the year we made the decision - we created a hookah according to the ideal vision of design, flavors and haptics that integrates all our preferences. 

At the beginning of 2016 we founded the aljamal Waterpipe Manufaktur. The meaning of the name "aljamal" has its origin in Arabic and means "beauty".
his is exactly what we intend to do to develop a beautiful Waterpipe, enchantingly elegant and an eyecatcher that looks like no other.

Perfection with CNC technology from Germany, based on the idea of a traditional Syrian Hookah.
Made of solid, shimmering brass, high-grade stainless steel and a base of glowing Bohemian glass - these are our exclusive hookahs, guaranteeing the highest enjoyment, a soft, full "bubble" and unique smoke and flavour experience.
Our hookahs are the perfect combination of traditional and the modern, spectacular hookah for your eyes and pleasure.

Everey “aljamal” is a real work of art, every base is a handmade unique piece of Bohemian Glass factory. The massive brass stem is affectionate and individually finished, each of them carries a serial number.
messing Wasserpfeife, messing shisha
Accessories of the highest quality, innovative products made of premium materials, designer fabrics from well known manufacturers and also special designs are part of our repertoire.
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aljamal Hookah - Are you still smoking or are you already relishing?

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