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Hookahs and more

The aljamal Premium hookah, goatskin hoses, traditional head adapter and more!

aljamal su ard brass hookah Messing Shisha, beautifull traditional hookah waterpipe

aljamal Premium Hookahs, the arrangement of tradition and modernity!

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 Traditionelle Wasserpfeife shisha Ziegenlederschlauch lederschlauch syrische schöne Shisha messing

The stem of the aljamal hookahs is made of glittering solid brass, impressively beautiful, and was made according to the model of the traditional Syrian hookah in CNC technique.
Each of these hookahs has a serial number, starting with 0001. By manually polishing the stem (real handwork) each piece becomes unique.

In contrast to all other high-tech hookahs, we do not use click or screw caps. The possibility to use another base is up to the enthusiast. We seal traditionally with tape. The massive 1.5 mm thick brass tray has a diameter of 23 cm. 

 Shisha Ziegenlederschlauch

Tradi su - traditionelle Wasserpfeifealjamal Tradi ard - syrische Shisha als Vorbild




 We present you the editions of the aljamal brass hookahs: 


The aljamal' su is water, symbolized by its waves in the middle of the stem. The' ard is earth, symbolized by the globe. A small variation and yet a new, unique creation of the aljamal, enchantingly beautiful!  


 Our latest work, our "Little" Lualiwa - Arabic for pearl. A new type of closure system, without tape or rubber seal. Unique in the field of traditional Waterpips.

aljamal lualiwa                   aljamal Lualiwa



 General data and scope of delivery of the aljamal Hookahs

  • Stem, tray, valve and connection solid brass
  • Closed chamber
  • Inner tube Stainless steel, three-part, Ø approx. 9.5 mm
  • 1 hose connection and one blow-off valve, not expandable
  • Base Egermann or BJ Nuwas in the colours Amber, Aquamarine, Black, Ruby Red, Clear, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Lila or Opal
  • Delivery incl. head gasket, hose seal, hookah is "sealed" and checked
  • Brass changes its colour over time and develops a "patina". This can be counteracted with special polishing agents!
  • Immersion tube adaptable to the height of the base
  • Goatskin hose not included in the price, available as accessory
  • with aljamal locking System


aljamal 'su:

  • total height approx. 83 cm, varies according to Egermann base
  • Length of visible stem approx. 55 cm
    Price 625,00 €
  • with aljamal locking System 


aljamal 'ard

  • total height approx. 72 cm, varies according to Egermann base
  • Length of visible stem approx. 55 cm
  • Price 594,00 €
  • with aljamal locking System 


aljamal Lualiwa 

  • total height approx. 59 cm, varies according to Egermann base
  • Length of visible stem approx. 55 cm
  • Price 554,00 € with aljamal locking System


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aljamal beautifull hookah, traditional waterpipe, tradi Shisha, hookah brass, traditional syrian hookah

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